The client states “I’m only interested in new marketing can you do that?”

    Me: “Yes, but you need ‘traditional’ marketing to ensure that your new marketing is targeting correctly and delivering what you need for your strategy.”

    Client: “Ok but won’t what take more time do that, I just want to get on with the new and see results quick!”

    Me: “But if you do you deliver tactics incorrectly you will have wasted money and time. If you invest a little more finding out what your strategy should be, or if known already, how best to deliver then you’ll see better results… ones you can amplify and scale without damage to the brand or the strategy.”

    It’s a tough one to get a client to see, but crucial for success. Simon Sinek uses the WHY (which I love) to see what should be done and how it fits in.

    Les Binet and Peter Field researchers extraordinaire highlight the struggle very well with their insights into the marketing industry.

    I believe that ALL MARKETING WHATEVER KIND YOU CALL IT is researched, understood, executed with tactics and measured. Only to do that same cycle with variants for learning/ optimisation.

    Marketing has become so much broader, its great, there’s so much that can be done, its taking the time to find out what should be done that’s the trick.