We provide step-by-step guidance to help you get the bright and stunning, professional, client-winning website you need.  

    The best part is you don’t need to be a marketing guru or tech wiz because we have that covered. (That means no design, copywriting or tech skills needed or your part!)

    Your website is your digital shop window to the entire world…

    Have your brand working for you and successfully showcase your products/service. How it works:

    PHASE 1.

    • Choose a Bright Website template from our curated, tailored and prepared selection.
    • The Bright Workbook helps to pull as much information needed for your website out of your head and get it into a manageable, workable format. The workbook guides you all the way through this part of the process.

    PHASE 2.

    • Michelle works with you to ensure photos, graphics, text and layouts are curated, designed and put together to help get you up and running.
    • Then its is over to Mark to bring it together with the code and back end system WordPress work.

    PHASE 3.

    • We provide handover training so you can add news items etc. to your own site.
    • By choosing Bright Websites you invest in having a fully guided, step by step process done and achieved with ease and most importantly with expert help all the way.

    PHASE 4.

    • Enjoy having your website showcase you, your product, service and brand effectively.
    • Update your website content as you need to.
    • Tell everyone about it!