Lessons Learnt From The Past Can Still Be Relevant Today.

    In this case study we take a look at a big shake up in industry and lifestyle change the trading for a company’s entire future.

    In the 1920’s ice companies were in high demand, there was none of the cold comforts for fresh or frozen produce we have now. That was until the evolution of the refrigerator/freezer disrupted the market. A wave of disruption was created.

    Not wanting to be put out of business by this massive industry lifestyle change, the Southland Ice Company started to sell convenience items (milk, cheese, eggs) in front of their existing ice stores.

    They opened from 7am to 11pm, familiar right?!
    Well for sure a “convenience store” was born.

    The Southland Ice Company, better known today as 7-Eleven, adapted to this disruption and came out stronger.
    Many of its competitors were left well behind and had to fold.

    Covid-19 came in fast and continues to disrupt the captivity and way we all are doing plus achieving business. One important lesson is to pay attention and dare to think about doing things differently.