Copywriting V ChatGPT, which is best?

    Being in a marketing coma it will have been the only way you escaped the discussions of #chatgpt and the #ai capability for copywriting.

    Copywriting is compelling, it converts, and it relays information in an amazing way to its audience. If you are not a copywriter or marketer by trade it can be tricky to know what, how, when, and why a copywriter really is the secret weapon in your marketing resource arsenal. So here to provide a bit of help for those not in the know and who need some help on copywriting… here is an easy and informative read to help.

    My personal feeling is anything that can help a small or medium enterprise cost-effectively is a tremendous advantage, but if it is to the detriment of the marketing due to flawed and emotionless copy, then I don’t think the advantage is great really.

    I am and have been lucky enough to work with utterly brilliant copywriters and journalists. I have such an appreciation for their magical crafting of words, phrases, information dissemination, and evoking of audience emotion.

    A tongue-in-cheek example of AI V’s ‘Human’ Copywriting is in the comments. I think you will agree it’s a fun reality check. Ask yourself if you were to put your product or service into the same copy which text would convert you to buy? Have a read of this very helpful guide containing elements you should consider when looking for, choosing and using a copywriter.