Getting emotional is okay, its connects us all in wonderful ways, whether it be in person, personally, professionally and for the B2B plus B2C.

    The benefit ladder in marketing makes a business think, and show, how it positions the key customer benefits for marketing purpose. It shows which ones to bring to the fore, and those to trade on as your brand. The ladder helps to see the mental position of a service or product by the customer.

    Alongside the benefits ladder the 3 C’s are the fundamentals to drive a company to its best position and determine its forward course. More on this to come in the next few days.

    I get so emotional

    The higher up the ladder you can get the better, reaching customers on an emotional level creates a real connection and in many a fierce brand loyalty.

    It is said that above emotional is transformational, the highest attainment on the ladder. I can see this being true.

    Emotional benefits

    If there isn’t this connection with the customer, the purchases are purely transactional. This means duking it out with competitors on a basic level, which lacks the brand equity the emotional benefit adds.

    Emotionally connecting with customers isn’t just marketing sense, its value, its caring, its human!

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