I really enjoy working with SMBs and Start Ups, the only issue is I never seem to get the swanky office part!

  • I’ve worked in a small office with 6 people crammed in with an elite marina view.
  • A shophouse above a restaurant by a quay.
  • Worked in a 2 metre by 4 metre office with 3 people and no windows.
  • A great tech co-working share area in Singapore.
  • An old Mill in a rural English village.
  • A listed building in the countryside originally built in Tudor times.
  • Office in the ‘labour’ area of town
  • The back of a music shop
  • A gym
  • A swanky modern office in a marina tower in Abu Dhabi – finally!

BUT loving what I do, the amount that gets achieved, the wonderful people and the sheer will to succeed, I love it!!!!