Marketing based business courses to upgrade your marketing knowhow and outcomes!

    Shining a light on the dark matter of marketing, many of you may have avoided marketing, felt that it was too stressful or too far outside your comfort zone, thought it wasn’t really essential, but now your sales are being affected, you now realise you need to do it, you will be in the right place.

    Through Luminary Courses and Bright Balmer Marketing consultancy there are, simple step-by-step trainings and 1:1 help for you. You’ll learn how to make your biz marketing as strong and optimised as it can be – no matter your starting point! 

    The courses and coaching will help you to become better at marketing so you can excel and let your marketing results shine bright. I’ve helped many entrepreneurs, marketers and SMB’s from all over the world get to grips with their marketing needs. They have been able to understand the strategic elements of a marketing plan and its implementation/roll out. 

    Particularly important is knowing that by using the tools and knowhow the courses put forward has stood their company in the best stead to sell to the right customers, for the right price, across the right channels and take steps to effectively scale their business…. all based around their bright marketing.

    luminary courses