Nokia Rebrand

    Changing Identity of the Company – Nokia changes iconic logo to signal a strategy shift.

    It’s been 60 years since its last logo change-up and this latest change includes a completely new brand identity.

    The new logo comprises of five different shapes forming the word company name and word NOKIA. The iconic blue colour of old has been dropped for a range of colours deepening the breadth of company tech and offerings utilised depending on the use.

    I think that Nokia had enough of being compared to the past, it now wants to wipe a clean slate and move on to planned advancements in its tech.

    The plan of the brand moving forward is to kickstart a strategy of three stages: reset, accelerate, and scale.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more from the creative uses for this branding, personally, I really like it and think it’s long overdue and will do the brand good at the start of its new strategy trajectory.

    But what do you think?