Product Development

    A light-hearted reminder that products or services can evolve… we can listen to what the market says about it, and we can also, most importantly, listen to the customers and potential customers.

    I thought I would share some Bright Businesses and how they adapted/developed into the iconic brands we know now. A brief look at what they started out selling to customers, as it can be quite different from what they offer now. 💡

    When it’s radically different I like to imagine the marketing bods and other key players sitting around a table when the discussion, for example, goes from “we make pens” to “we are going to make rocket ships now”… ha probably not how it goes down, but it amuses me. I’ve been in a few meetings as a consultant and thought… urm ok really, how was this decision sanely reached…prey tell!

    This is your reminder to adapt in business and adapt in life.