USP’s in business are known, but are they really understood, researched and taken forward as part of the brand?

    Sometimes is the answer… its vital that they stand by and showcase their uniqueness. USP is your Unique Selling Proposition.

    To add into the story the business owner also needs to work out their USP and how to showcase it in a complimentary way to their business.

    Another aspect I LOVE about USP is for individuals/employee’s doing their job, wherever you are, you need to work on showcasing your USP.

    Who stands out in the workplace? Who gets and goes after the projects they want?

    ….Those that know their USP and work it, that’s who!

    USP is a wonderful combination to be worked on, showcased and is always true, yet evolving… whether its for business or person.

    Is it one thing or is it a combination?

    Unique Selling Proposition is the one stand out feature, or the perceived benefit of a product/service or a company, which makes it unique from the rest of the competing brands in the marketplace. That is the reason why a potential buyer is motivated to purchase.

    Think about your product/service or company USP, jot down some initial ideas. Do a little competitor research to really nail it.