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Through her exceptional & varied career Michelle has run highly successful training for many businesses.

Her training programs are always well thought out & the time spent in training ensures that there are quality outcomes.

Additionally I can identify where better or further training is needed to improve results, this can be from the customer journey elements, internal goal training or through brand messaging and communications internally and externally.

Marketing Courses

Fed up with guessing about, worrying about, not seeing results from marketing. You may need some help… Bright Balmer is capable of Zoom, or by way of an in person workshop.

Even better is that Bright Balmer have created a range of on demand courses to do just this! There courses are Luminary.

Top Rated Courses

More courses complimentary and paid are being added all the time. Find the right course for you.

All you need to know to succeed in marketing!

This course is outstanding. Whether it’s a service or product you are selling you need this course do get your marketing performing at it’s best for you.

Know that you have the strategy elements needed.

$coming soon

You have the know-how, but you don’t know how to implement it or bring it together.

The marketing plan is the key to bringing it together and ensuring success. Get everyone in the business on page. Get them understanding. Showcase your marketing within this plan.


These courses are COMPLIMENTARY

Quick courses jammed packed with marketing elements.

They will help you to understand much of the marketing jargon and terms used.

This is the first basic course to help get you up to speed quick.


Marketing Edification

Tutorials by Bright Balmer have the name Luminary Courses.

The courses and consultancy combination Michelle offers educates and galvanises marketing inspired leadership skills. People with marketing functions need to successfully and authentically lead and deliver their best marketing efforts for their business, brand, and customers.

Coming June 2022!

  • Stand alone courses
  • Courses in a group with coaching
  • Courses and 1:1 coaching

Luminary Courses are the best at tutoring all the elements needed to get in the know about marketing, perform marketing tasks, plan budgets and get results.
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