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    Better Branding & Marketing

    Know It, Get It, Plan It, Action It

    Many business owners/leaders struggle to identify the correct combination of marketing, brandings & communications to have the business truly grow, from my experience of SME’s I understand that lack of time, budget, know-how & resources make it tricky to identify the exact steps needed to gain a competitive advantage & significant results.

    Bright Balmer collaborate & work at the top & bottom of the business chain to see what is the right ‘fit’ for the business & how its working out.  Michelle’s aim is always to grow a business, challenge the competition, ensure that the customer understanding is held correctly within the business & to increase your visibility to your target markets.

    I have created a strategic step by step plan which will help businesses take big steps toward business take on success with great confidence. These techniques are not rocket science but they are well researched & proven to work, but not all businesses have this in their toolkit to take forward, this is what I give to you when I work with you in the form of SMART objectives & core knowledge.